The Bernard Series Basket Press Syrah 2007

April 15, 2011  |  Red Wine, sainsbury's, shiraz, south africa

£10.99 – Sainsbury’s

Sunday night drinking is the preserve of the truly noble savage.  By this time in the weekend most of the population have had their fill of wild orgies and being hosed down with a variety of body fluids. They see this evening as a chance to iron their jeans, call up grandma to see if she’s still breathing, and then settle in to watch who’s boffing who in Larkrise to Candleford. The sunday night drinker views the occasion through a different prism.  For them it is the last acceptable period of rebellious, full-throttled hedonism before returning to a life of pitiless drudgery. A white wine spritzer is not adequate for such a task which instead requires the presence of a thundering New World shiraz to fortify the soul in the eternal battle for control of one’s life. The Bernard Series Basket Press is an ideal choice as it has chunky red fruit and some elegant vanilla soaked spices while also booting you into touch with it’s 14%abv. Surely there is no subtler way to stick it to The Man than by eroding your own usefulness to him via the obliteration of millions of your own braincells.

Serious Bit – The Basket Press is made at the 350-year old Bellingham winery based in Franschoek SA. It contains 98% Syrah & 2% Viognier and uses an old school basket press to slowly extract the juice in order to get the most concentrated amount of fruit from the berries.
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