Torres Vina Sol 2010

£4.99-6.99 – Majestic, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda

Even if you scour the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens and Archer, you will still be hard pressed to find a phrase in the English language more satisfying than “perfect for everyday drinking”.  Not only is it always accompanied by a scrumptious bottle cheap enough not to require the turning of a couple of quick tricks by the supermarket bins, but it also celebrates a custom which we may have felt necessary to hide from friends and family for fear they may cart us off to The Priory.  The everyday drinking referred to here is not of the park bench variety, nor even the model espoused by politicians snowploughing their way through their expenses.  It’s simply the ritual of enjoying an early evening glass so you don’t end up nailing your head to the ceiling as you belatedly realise that the screeching noise you could hear during your spontaneous stream of consciousness monologue in today’s big corporate meeting was the sound of your promotion prospects coming to a grinding halt.  One bottle unfazed by the relentlessness of this task is Torres’ Vina Sol, its ripe apple and citrus flavours possessing enough subtlety to maintain your interest without ever becoming over-familiar.   As such it’s a great standby for any occasion, and especially good for when you’ve run out of milk to pour on your morning cornflakes.

Serious Bit – The Torres family established their winery in the Spanish town of Villafranca in 1870 and have seen it grown into one of the country’s biggest wine exporters.  Vina Sol, which was first produced in 1962,  is made using the indiginous white Parellada grape, grown in vineyards in the Catalunya region of Spain.Buy This Wine

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